Stephen Bayliss: “Canarias is the best place by far for triathlon training”

Stephen Bayliss

British triathlete will compete this year in the Challenge Fuerteventura after recovering from pneumonia. Ironman winner of four titles now lives in Lanzarotte with his wife, Bella, with a record of 16 Ironman championships and a world championship ITU, so they are known affectionately as the ‘Iron Couple’.

What do you like best about Challenge Fuerteventura?
I love the amazing, tough,  testing course on bike and run especially.

What is your goal in this year’s event? 
I would love to improve on my 3rd place from a few years ago.

Challenge will have another event in the Canary Islands. It will be in Mogan, Gran Canaria, in September. What do you think? 
Fantastic, Bella and I have spent time in Gran Canaria and know Mogan well, it is an ideal location for a triathlon. Yes we plan to be there.

You had to withdraw from the event in 2015, we hear you had pneumonia. How has your recovery been and what have you learned?
Yes. In March 2015 I got pneumonia and it ruined the whole season.  I learnt that sometimes you have to be patient!  It took alot longer than I had imagined to get my strength back.  It is only now the beginning of 2016 that I am feeling like my old self again.

Finally. You have chosen the Canary Islands as your home. What are in your opinion the biggest benefits to racing/training in the Canary Islands?
The weather obviously is very conducive to train well for triathlon.  But the facilities generally in the Canary Islands are great, there are numerous pools and running tracks and perfect roads and off road routes for cycling and running.  We have travelled al ot and I think it is the best place by far for triathlon training.