Save 15% for the two Challenge events in the Canary Islands.

Challenge de Canarias

Challenge Canarias have opened a promotion for groups and dual event registration.

This year, for the first time, the Canary Islands will offer two Challenge events, which makes it one of the ‘top’ areas of Europe for triathlon. On April 23rd the sixth edition of Challenge Fuerteventura will take place and on September 17th will be the debut of Challenge Mogàn-Gran Canaria. Challenge Canarias are offering a fantastic 15% discount offer for dual event registration.

The Fuerteventura race sees the participation of great champions of triathon, including the defending champion, Italian Jonathan Ciavattella, Andi Böcherer and Stephen Bayliss; among others, as well as young figures that can cause interesting competition! Register now for Challenge Fueteventura and get 35 euros off registration if you also book to race Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria. This offer will be in effect until a week before the first event date.

BONUS OFFER! Because Challenge Mogàn Gran Canaria, is promoted as one of the major events to promote Gran Canaria as ‘European island of sport’, enjoy an extra bonus of 20 euros discount by registering both Challenge Mogàn Gran Canaria and Fueteventura before 28th February.

The organisation has also scheduled a promotion for those who want to come as a group to either one of the two Challenge Canarias. A team of five athletes will be discounted by 10% and discount of 15% for teams of ten or more athletes.