Massimo Cigana will be present at Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria


The ex-cyclist and actual triathlete, Massimo Cigana, will be starting at the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria. With this event, that will be taking place on the 17 th September, the island will be one of the places in the world for this exigent race with racers from more than 20 nationalities.

MassimoCigana-02Cigana, professional cyclist of the Mercatone Uno team, led by the legendary Marco Pantani, is one of the best European long distance triathletes. In the last 2 years he was runner-up in the Italian championship, and fifth place in the Austrian Ironman 2015, with a time of 8:25:20.

This amazing sportsman, that had to stop his cycling career because of a bad accident with the consequence of 2 broken vertebrae, is back in his best shape, as the last races are showing.

Massimo´s presence is evidence of the importance for the professionals of taking part in the circuit of the Challenge Family, with more than 40 races all over the world, 2 of them being held in Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

Together with Cigana, another Italian triathlete will be racing: Jonathan Ciavatella. This army man is one of the best in the middle distance modality, the one of the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria. He is the winner of the Challenge Fuerteventura 2015.