Challenge Mogan Gran Canaria opens registration for its short Triathlon.


The reduced distance event includes 1.9 km swimming, 45 km of cycling and 7 km run.

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Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria opens registration for their short triathlon. Opening with a special offer reduced entry fee of €35 for a limited time.

This race forms part of the international triathlon event under the brand of the Challenge Family, franchise with 44 competitions in more than 20 countries.

The Short race comprises 1.9 km swimming, 45 km of cycling and 7 km run. As with the official race, it’s base and transition zone will be on the paseo de Amadores. For the first two months, the registration fee is €35 euros rising to €45 euros until a week before the race.

Cabildo of Gran Canaria and Ayuntamiento de Mogán are the promoters of this sports and promotional initiative that will allow the island to have International Triathlon race, a sport with a wide global projection thanks to international races organized by the Challenge or Ironman marks.

At the recent launch of the event, Vice President and island Minister of sports, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the Mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, highlighted the decision to promote the annual hosting of this event since it increases the number of sporting events offer with international draw in an ambitious project to make Gran Canaria in the “European sport island”.

The date of the Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria favors the presence of the European elite of this sport on the island to prepare themselves for the World Championships which take place three weeks later in Hawaii.

Around 700 participants are expected in the first edition to reach 1,500 in the third year. Half of the athletes will be from the rest of Europe, with more than 20 different nationalities, mainly British and German.

This middle distance race comprises 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km run. Amadores will be the base of operations also hosting the transition zone, the start and finish area and the bay will hold the swim.

The route, which tries to promote the beauty of the spectacular coast and mountains of the southwest of the island, is planned for the cycle and run tracks. The proposed route can be subject to changes due to operational or security.

The managing director of the Challenge Family, Félix Walchshöfer said in the presentation that this race will be “among the top events” of this international franchise and pointed out that the event “is ideal since Mogán has a spectacular climate, services and infrastructure that will make one of the most demanded”.

Meanwhile, the six-time winner of the Hawaii World Championship, Natascha Badmman, noted that the South of Gran Canaria is the “perfect place” for a triathlon. The Swiss triathlete has spent more than 20 years in the island, so most of her successes, including six titles in the most prestigious race of this sport, have been forged on the roads of Mogán.

For many years I´ve said that this is the perfect place to train, good weather, by both the good mountains and its wonderful Ocean. It was not until the last four or five years that other athletes have realized that the South of Gran Canaria is the perfect place to train said Badmnan in a meeting in Amadores between organizers and athletes of Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria.